Global Ocean Logistics Limited Partners with the Renowned “By Caitlyn Collection”

Global Ocean Logistics Limited Partners with the Renowned "By Caitlyn Collection"

In a strategic collaboration, Global Ocean Logistics Limited is thrilled to announce its partnership with “By Caitlyn Collection”, a brand fronted by the illustrious makeup influencer, Caitlyn Lendrum. Recognizing the potential to streamline the brand’s logistics flow, Ryan Beck, the founder of Global Ocean Logistics, reached out to Caitlyn. Their shared vision? To refine the import and export processes, ensuring significant cost savings for the brand.

Instead of sticking to their earlier method – allowing suppliers to directly ship products from global locations – the partnership brought a change. Now, Global Ocean Logistics, along with its trusted partners, liaises directly with Caitlyn’s suppliers. By spearheading all shipping methods, be it air or ocean freight, they’ve achieved a commendable feat: saving Caitlyn’s brand thousands annually in freight costs.

The “By Caitlyn Collection” isn’t just another makeup line. It started humbly in 2017, launching with six luxury mink lash styles and a signature 15-piece makeup brush set. But 2020 marked a turning point. With the introduction of their bestselling Face Cleansing Cushions during the UK’s lockdown, sales soared, catapulting the brand into the limelight. Caitlyn Lendrum, the mastermind behind the brand, isn’t just a CEO. She’s a seasoned makeup artist with over a decade of experience, ensuring every product released is of top-notch quality.

Since May 2023, our collaboration has overseen more than 50 shipments for “By Caitlyn Collection”. Global Ocean Logistics is immensely proud to support Caitlyn’s ascent to becoming one of the world’s leading makeup brands and sellers. This partnership underscores the synergy of industry expertise and innovative brand management.