QRS Partner with Global Ocean Logistics

QRS Have Partnered With Us.

In the heart of Northern Ireland, a synergistic partnership has emerged between Global Ocean Logistics Limited and Quarry Recycling Systems (QRS). Based in Dungannon, QRS is the official branded seller for Terex, the world’s largest machinery manufacturer. The collaboration started with Ryan Beck, the owner of Global Ocean Logistics, and Dougie Watt, the owner and Managing Director of QRS, envisioning how our logistics expertise could meet the needs of QRS.

Our experience as a leading logistics company in Northern Ireland has positioned us to handle complex logistics needs, such as transporting large, out-of-gauge machinery from China and the USA. In April 2023, we undertook our biggest project to date with QRS. Three large pieces of machinery needed to be shipped from Terex in Michigan, USA, to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Despite competing against one of the world’s largest freight forwarders, our keen pricing strategy and expertise secured us the project, making us proud as an NI logistics company. This endeavour was no small task. The machinery was collected from the Terex supplier in the USA on low-loader vehicles, transported to our warehouse in New York, and then loaded, lashed and secured onto 40′ flat rack containers for transport.

Upon arrival at Belfast port, the machinery was delivered to the QRS headquarters in Dungannon. Armed with heavy cranes, the QRS team safely offloaded the equipment. Keep an eye on our blog for some photos and videos of this impressive operation.

Our partnership with QRS is an ongoing one, with more projects on the horizon. At Global Ocean Logistics Limited, we’re not just in the business of logistics; we’re in the business of enabling growth and progress in Northern Ireland. We can’t wait to put more exciting projects into motion.